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Kronologi will direct resources – storage, professional services, and marketing, to target customers, market segments and channel partners order to stimulate the dynamics of on-premise storage-as-a-service (OPaaS). The seeding program is also designed to create early market adoptions for Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand of OPaaS by replicating the value experienced by early adopters.

OPaaS is ideal for large enterprise customers using traditional storage arrays. It offers lower TCO, zero-capex, and is fully managed. Krono will target large enterprise customers using flanking strategy by targeting secondary storage use cases such as Dev/test, Backup, DR, and archiving.

Optimum seeding targets for OPaaS are:

  • Enterprise customers
  • Early adopters to shorten selling cycle
  • FSI and Government market segments
  • Select Partners mainly tier-1 resellers of our key competitors
  • Service Providers like Telco, Colocation, etc

Kronologi plans to expand market reach through focus selling in Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia where we have offices.

Target Segments for OPaaS would be in financial services like banks and government where the market drivers are lower-cost vs Capex,
regulatory compliance, and security by targeting production and secondary storage use cases. Government sectors in Indonesia and Malay mandates data sovereignty so applicable use cases would be production, backup, DR and archiving.

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